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Carrot Seed Oil

The strengthening and supportive properties of Carrot Seed Oil are distilled from the dried seeds of the Daucus carota plant or more commonly known as “Queen Anne’s Lace”. Carrot Seed Oil originated in the time of ancient India and was used to soothe inflammation and ease indigestion while in traditional Eastern medicine it was used to relieve muscle pain through massage or applied to warm baths. Its scent can be described as “Oriental” with woody and earthy notes.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is known to have stimulating benefits that include boosting energy levels, promoting alertness, and releasing of digestive enzymes in the intestines. This restorative oil also does wonders in supporting the skin. It can enhance skin health by stimulating the growth of new tissue. Resulting in a clearer, brighter, and even-toned complexion.

Reputable for its ability to provide relief and discomfort associated with bloating, menstrual cramps, indigestion, and water retention it can be applied topically to the abdominal area via carrier oil and massaged into the skin.

It is recommended that those taking prescription drugs, as well as pregnant or nursing women, consult a physician before the use of Carrot Seed Oil.

  • Nourish the skin and hair- Ideal for promoting a healthy even-toned complexion and restoring luster and shine to dull or damaged hair.
  • Help fight skin infections- With both anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, Carrot Seed Essential Oil is excellent for relieving symptoms associated with eczema and to fight common bacteria strains such as Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Provide abdominal relief- When combined with a carrier oil and massaged into the abdominal region, Carrot Seed Oil has been shown to reduce bloating and relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse- Packed with antioxidants, Carrot Seed Oil does wonders for anti-aging skin regimens. It can help repair skin damage caused by free radicals and environmental pollution, thus preventing skin sagging and wrinkles.
  • Healing scars- Prolonged use of Carrot Seed Oil has been shown to assist in faster healing of scars and fading of age spots.


Botanical Name: Daucus Carota

Plant Part: Seeds

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: India

Color: Pale yellow to amber liquid.

Consistency: Thin

Note: Middle

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Aromatic Scent: This oil has a woody-earthy, slightly spicy, strong herbaceous musky scent. - Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Caution: Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. When using essential oil, it's important to dilute it properly before applying to the skin and to perform a patch test to check for any potential allergic reactions. Additionally, pregnant women and individuals with certain health conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils. Ensure that you are using high-quality, pure essential oils and be aware of individual sensitivities or allergies. If you have specific health concerns, consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating essential oils into your routine. Nearly all highly concentrated essential oils are flammable, so we suggest using them safely and keeping them away from flames and sparks. When you aren't using your essential oils, keep them stored and sealed in their original bottle and be careful of any leaks or spills.

Disclaimer: The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Dzirun nor associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using this product. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before use.

The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made by Dzirun as to the medicinal value of any products from Dzirun The information presented here is for educating our customers about the traditional uses of essential oils and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You are responsible for understanding the safe application of these products. If you have any questions, please call or email us for further information.