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Cassia Essential Oil

Spice up your life with one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Known as “Chinese cinnamon” Cassia comes from Cinnamomum cassia, an evergreen tree native to China and Burma. Being from the same botanical family, Cassia mimics Cinnamon’s properties and benefits, however, the scent can be described as “sweeter” than true Cinnamon.

It has an extensive history in indigenous medicine and has been used in Ayurvedic practice as an expectorant and diuretic, assisting in the treatment of bronchitis and constipation. Cassia Essential Oil also has significant ties to emotional well-being. It can be used as a way to relieve depression and has been used to build courage and a sense of self-worth for years.

The benefits of Cassia Essential Oil are impressive. With its powerful antioxidant content, it is known to prevent the formation of free radicals and has the potential to diminish disease processes such as cancer and diabetes.

  • Treats irregular bowel movements- Due to its expectorant qualities, Cassia Essential Oil can act as an anti-diarrhea agent, working to bind bowels and regulate the digestive tract.
  • Reduce inflammation- Cassia Essential Oil enhances circulation and creates a warming sensation in the body that alleviates pain and enables the body to eliminate toxins.
  • Antidepressant- An all-natural and nontoxic treatment to combat stress levels and leave the body feeling tranquil and warm. Cassia contains cinnamic aldehyde, a component that has been studied and shown to reduce stress-induced behaviors.
  • Treat Nausea- To treat nausea and motion-related sickness, simply apply 2-3 drops onto a cloth or inhale from the bottle whenever you feel nauseous.
  • Flavor enhancer- For internal use start with the smallest amount possible, dipping a toothpick into the oil and then into your favorite beverage or dish is recommended. Cassia Essential Oil pairs well with coffee, tea, or oatmeal for a warm, sweet, and spicy flavor.

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum cassia

Plant Part: Leaves

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: China

Color: Pale yellow to a reddish brown transparent liquid.

Consistency: Medium to viscous

Note: Top

Strength of Aroma: Strong

Aromatic Scent: Cassia Essential Oil has a pungent, warm scent. Cassia contains 1% to 2% volatile oil (cassia oil), which is mainly responsible for the spicy aroma.

Cautions: Cassia Oil is a dermal irritant, dermal sensitizer, and mucus membrane irritant and should be avoided in pregnancy. When using essential oil, it's important to dilute it properly before applying to the skin and to perform a patch test to check for any potential allergic reactions. Additionally, pregnant women and individuals with certain health conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils. Ensure that you are using high-quality, pure essential oils and be aware of individual sensitivities or allergies. If you have specific health concerns, consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating essential oils into your routine. Nearly all highly concentrated essential oils are flammable, so we suggest using them safely and keeping them away from flames and sparks. When you aren't using your essential oils, keep them stored and sealed in their original bottle and be careful of any leaks or spills.

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